10 Colombian Expressions you won’t Find in a Dictionary

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In Colombia, we use different expressions for different situations we face every day, either happy or sad, and these expressions you won’t find them in any dictionary. We talked already about the 10 Colombian slang expressions you should know and use, and this time we will learn about the colombian dictionary, the words we normally use and you won’t find in any other place.

This is the first 10 word expressions:

 1.  Yeyo: “Me va a dar un Yeyo!” This word was born at the Caribbean Coast and all Colombia uses now. It refers to someone that is feeling bad and feels is going to faint. Moms, for example, when they get upset they say they are going to have a Yeyo due to something wrong you just did. Try not to pull out her Yeyo!

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2. Patatús: It’s similar to Yeyo, but is refers strictly to a…

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