La Venus La Mujer

Love the Life We Share

I love the life i share with you.

I love the daily breakfast on the table one side with Nutella and bread and other with coffee and cheese

I love the wakeup call from your Iphone alarm at 6 … something, with some extra time  to stay in bed and just touch each other  and caress us before to stand up going out of the bed

I love your radio news at morning and my language lessons for that day

I love to see your body naked in the shower

I love the smell of the coffee being ready

I love your 3 days shave touching my skin

I love your big bowl with whole milk

I love your face when i mixed the soya milk with coffee and said that you should try,  doesn’t taste that bad. Then I smile.

I love how you look on jeans with  your company t-shirt, you back pack with your laptop, tablet and all geeky stuff and your big earphones ready to walk to your job place today

I love the patient while you wait until i finally make up and while you with your laptop

I love the way you look at me on my work day executive dress,  makes me feel horny to imagine your thoughts, and you only give me a kiss and tell me we have to go or we will be late…

I love when you remind me to take my key from the table and don’t forget to turn off the light

I love to walk with you holding our hands until the corner we say:  have a good day see you later and then a soft kiss

I love to have to know I have a  reason to leave my office on time and  arrive at home, i will find you there  to sleep or I will be ready  full of desire for you, depends our mood and what we had planned for that night.

I love your message saying: I am going out see you  in X minutes or hours.

I love to share my table and dinner at night with you

I love to see you sitting there on your desk or the chair,  naked with your laptop on working

I love to listening  you and learning from  your passionate work and your projects.

I love to seduce you at night and caress your penis with my mouth and kissing all your body before to sleep just like the usual good night kiss.

I love our sexual ritual when we have time to perform complete.

When times will bring them, I love the time with the kids, i love to see you being the good dad and smile with them, the time we share with them.

I love our life together,  i love your smile or upset face because with both or with other face what I love the most is  seeing  you next to me, I love our life together more than other options, more than my life before to came here,  more than expensive holidays…