Libre y Revuelto

How fool i was! How fool i was!

How Fool I was how naive I found myself when I read all I wrote

How stupid it’s my written how fool love it is itself…


Sometimes I lose my words because I am totally evolved by sensation…

It is this magic feeling runs through my body when I hear your voice or think about you… no matter the distance I feel my skin react all my body change from cold to warm, It’s a new sensation and turns on like an instinct, some is activated and makes me feel like I want to be touch, hold, careers and taken by you.  Sometime I don’t want to say: I love you, because that words I think are not enough to describe the way I feel x you and the way our relation has been develop and the things involve:

From nothing to magic and full fill

From one night to more time and good time

From sadness to Happiness

From the storm to the calm

When I hear your voice… raise on me the sensation of equilibrium and balance.

Make feel a gorgeous woman because I believe you are a gorgeous man

THANK YOU !  For take care about me and share your time with me.

I can’t not continue with out to remind that and the others when you whit stupid smiles… try to involve me into your game.

How easy its today …

How simple its today…


I said Thank you again because All this month’s you were pretending to much for giving me a happy ending… finishing with me and my believes of love

A Good rest in my own pain crave,

Where you are and you cannot even imagine the damage you had done…   

I tried to escape,  I can say I promise  I tried…  but the hunter came back and caught  me back again, was the ending the time expending a lot of  my hope and blood  until he play his sexual and vampire game, the day of the last game with my hope, tolerance and feelings   when I could not find more than silent, darkness and loneliness, I awarded that  his promises were only soft lies,  I decided to kill and to corrupt whatever I needed to did  to escape…  I lose a part of me, I wounded myself  in the running way, my goal: went out from the witched cloud castle.  I forgive myself and care my wounds, I will be understand because I was running away from painful game and … “Protecting my emotional health and sanity”.

 I am going to win that fight, I am going to watch how is going, but at this time I am in disadvantage I need to re endorse myself and get a better conditions and army, when I have it with the facts, my true, the love and the Faith, I will claim my recognition and the castle back with my magic control, with universe and God real love law, I will say: I WAS RIGHT!  I WAS TRUE!, and that day will come.